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  • Personnel Management (VBS107)

    Personnel Management: behaviour, communications, conditions, operations, recruitment induction training, teams, grievances & complaints monitoring & reporting
  • Office Practices (VBS102)

    Office Procedures course: Modern organisation, procedures & communication systems: interpersonal & business, phone skills, writing documents, OH&S.
  • Project Management (BBS201)

    Project Management course: Identification planning, implementation, completion, evaluation, technical leadership skills, problems, personnel, project assignment
  • Business Planning (BBS302)

    Business planning course: focus direction, legal & admin, develop objectives & strategies, risk m’ment, financial, marketing operations & human resources plans
  • Business Operations (VBS006)

    Business course covers: finance, planning, produce a business plan, business law, record keeping, money markets, what to avoid, improve business profitability
  • Event Management (BRE209)

    Event Management course: Developing concepts, managing physical & human resources and finances; logistics, marketing, risk management, staging, event reviews
  • E Commerce (BIT100)

    Ecommerce course: promotional strategies ecommerce, website optimisation & exposure, automation of goods supply, services, cash flow, manage change and problems
  • Internet Marketing (BIT204)

    Internet Marketing: social media & applications, psychology, websites, advertising, capturing converting customers, create user content, blogs, develop program
  • Workshop II (BGN203)

    Workplace Project Course: gives you the experience and workplace knowledge needed in any field that you are studying.